Which contiguous U.S. state reaches farthest north?

“Which contiguous U.S. state reaches farthest north?

…1. Maine 2. Minnesota 3. Washington 4. North Dakota

Answer to the question “Which contiguous U.S. state reaches farthest north?

Determining which state is the farthest north, south, east, and west in the United States depends on your perspective. Are you looking at all 50 states or just the lower 48 contiguous states? Are you considering the way it looks on a map or judging by the lines of latitude and longitude?

Minnesota – Minnesota’s Northwest Angle is the northernmost point in the contiguous United States, and it’s the only place in the country outside Alaska that sits north of 49th parallel. And on top of that, it was born out of a clerical error. According to Atlas Obscura, the map Benjamin Franklin used while negotiating borders of the new country under the Treaty of Paris in 1783 was wrong. Once the error was discovered, it seemed a bit easier to change the borders on maps, rather than revisit the wording of the treaty. There are just over 100 residents of this patch of the United States, but for the most part, it’s a quiet wilderness. And if you’d like to visit, you’ll need to cross two borders to get there, as the route north on Minnesota Highway 313 eventually meets Manitoba’s Provincial Road 12. From there, you’ll cross another border back into the United states on a gravel road that marks the entrance to the Angle.:

  • The easternmost state is Maine, marked by the West Quoddy Head Lighthouse (66 degrees 57 minutes west.)
  • The northernmost state is Minnesota at Angle Inlet (49 degrees 23 minutes north.)
  • The westernmost state is Washington at Cape Alava (124 degrees 44 minutes west.)

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