Unique pages of the graphic novel on the dunes: Paul Attrides and The Sandworm

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Whilst you’re studying this, director Denis Villeneuve is again in motion making the second half of what is sure on the finish Being essentially the most epic science fiction film, Dune. It will not be in our eyeballs For an additional 12 months or sohowever within the meantime, the story will proceed in different media –particularly comics, like Dune: The Graphic Novel, E book Two: Moadab He’s on the way in which.

The second in a collection of three graphic novel diversifications launched in August, io9 acquired an unique first have a look at certainly one of its most enjoyable collection: Whenrepeatides and his mom, Mrs. Jessica, cross the Arrakis sands, evading the Harkonnens, and encounter the true power on the planet, a sandworm.

Primarily based on Frank Herbert’s legendary Nova, the story was tailored by his son Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson, and options illustrations by artists Raul Allen and Patricia Martin. Try 5 unique pages on this slide seems, And the Find out how to pre-order here.

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